Account Maintenance (1)

How to keep your account information up to date. Add additonal contacts, etc.

Domain Name Registration (3)

Information pertaining to domain name registration, Privacy Protect, Domain transfering, etc.

Domain Name Transfers (1)

Information on how to transfer domain names to Lineage Hosting

Server Technical Info (1)

Technical info about supported server technology

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 How do I update my account information?

To update your contact information for your account, go the Client Area and log on with your...


When you register a domain name with Lineage Hosting, the Whois of your domain name lists your...

 Transferring away from

Log onto your account. On the left hand column, click Domain Manager. In the...

 How can people Contact me if I enable Privacy Protection for my domain name?

Once you enable Privacy Protection for your domain name, the Contact Details for your domain...

 How can I Enable/Disable Privacy Protection for my domain name?

Privacy Protection is a service available with your domain name. You may either enable this...

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