How can I Enable/Disable Privacy Protection for my domain name?

Privacy Protection is a service available with your domain name. You may either enable this service at the time of registering/transferring your domain name or enable(/disable) this service anytime during the length of the domain name's registration, as per your requirement.

  1. Privacy Protection is not available for the .US domain name. 

  2. If you wish to have your domain name Transferred away from Lineage Hosting for some reason, you need to first disable the Privacy Protection and then place a transfer request at the Registrar of your choice.

  3. Privacy Protection can be enabled/disabled only for those domain names which are not in locked/suspended status.

  4. If you did not elect to enable Privacy Protection at the time of registration/transfer, please contact sales by support ticket.  Please note, there is a $5.00 fee for PrivacyProtect per domain name.


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